How to Choose Insurance for Parents/Relatives Visiting the USA—and What to Consider/What is Needed.


Finding visitor insurance for parents visiting USA can be a complicated process with the abundance of information, websites, companies, reviews and marketing done on a daily basis, it can be a challenge finding the right insurance to give you peace of mind while your parents or relatives are visiting your family in the United States. With rising healthcare costs in the USA, this blog will help breakdown what you need to look for when looking for insurance plans, especially for elderly parents visiting USA and parents with pre-existing conditions. has lots of low-cost, fixed schedule of benefits plans and comprehensive coverage plans for parents traveling to America. All of our insurance plans are USA based, American Visitors Insurance plans.

1. What types of plans does offer? What is the difference between low-cost, fixed schedule of benefits plans and comprehensive coverage plans?

We offer two major categories of plans options including low-cost, fixed schedule of benefits plans and comprehensive coverage plans.

Low-cost, fixed schedule of benefits plans are good options when we are looking for cheaper, basic coverage for emergency room and hospitalization. These types of policies are pay and claim. Once claimed to the insurance company, they will reimburse a specific dollar amount for each and every benefit. These types of plans are cheaper upfront, however, your out of pocket cost is unknown as it depends on which benefits you end up using. These plans do not have PPO Networks, so you can go to any doctor or any hospital of your choice. The challenge is that different providers will charge different prices for services. Regardless of which provider you see, the insurance company has fixed schedule of benefits for reimbursements. Some of the most popular plans include Safe Travels to Visitors to USA, VisitorSecure, and Visitors Care.

Comprehensive coverage plans are the most popular visitors insurance plans available on the market. We recommend clients to choose a comprehensive coverage plan because you don’t have to worry about reimbursements. Most benefits are covered up to the policy maximum for a new eligible sickness/illness. You also have options available to get 100% coverage up to the policy maximum you choose as long as you go to provider within the PPO network. Some of the most popular comprehensive coverage plans include Safe Travels Comprehensive, Atlas America, Overseas Visitors Insurance and Patriot America Plus. These are American Visitors Insurance plans for travel to the United States. To learn more, visit and you can request a quote.

Low Cost Fixed Benefit Plans: Comprehensive Coverage Plans:
Basic coverage with sublimit. Better coverage without sublimit.
Low cost fixed benefit plan. Covers serious Medical Expenses.
More out of pocket at the time of claim. Less out of pocket expense.
Good for people who wants to take more risk. Good for people who wants to take less risk

2. What is the best international travel insurance for seniors?

We recommend sticking to a comprehensive coverage plan. You can see all of these option here - You also have the option of going with a $0 deductible with 100% coverage up to the policy maximum based on which policy you choose. To learn more, visit and you can request a quote.

3. My parents have pre-existing conditions. Can I get Visitors Insurance Coverage with pre-ex coverage?

There are no plans on the market that cover pre-existing conditions 100%. A large majority of visitors insurance plans do offer acute onset of a pre-existing condition plans. This means, if a pre-existing condition causes a new medical condition that is sudden, non-reoccurring and you the person needs immediate medical attention, you have limited coverage. Pre-existing conditions are never covered themselves. To learn more about these plans here - You can also give us a call or send us a email and we can discuss these options in more detail.

Pre-existing Conditions are any injury, illness, sickness, disease, or other physical, medical, mental or nervous condition, disorder or ailment that, with reasonable medical certainty, existed at the time of application or at any time during the three years prior to the effective date of the insurance policy, including any subsequent, chronic or recurring complications or consequences related thereto or arising therefrom, whether or not previously manifested or known, diagnosed, treated, or disclosed. Most plans only cover Acute onset of a pre-existing condition. The restriction on how acute onset of a pre-existing condition coverage varies from each insurance carrier that you choose.

The most common definition of Acute onset is - A sudden and unexpected outbreak or recurrence of a Pre-existing Condition which occurs

  • 1. spontaneously and without advance warning either in the form of Physician recommendations or symptoms, is of short duration, is rapidly progressive, and requires urgent medical care
  • 2. after the Effective Date (24 hour waiting period from purchase)
  • 3. prior to the age shown in the Schedule of Benefits/Limits. Treatment must be obtained within 24 hours of the sudden and unexpected outbreak or recurrence

To learn more about our plans that cover acute onset of a pre-existing condition, see below for some of our most popular low-cost and comprehensive coverage plans that have this benefit. You can also visit our quote page on our home page to compare all of plans side by side.

4. Which insurance is best for visitors/parents to USA?

This depends on your parents’ visa/greencard status. If they are here on a visitor’s visa, we recommend Safe Travels USA Comprehensive, Atlas America, Patriot America Plus, Diplomat America or Seven Corners Travel Medical. If they are here on greencard, we recommend Patriot America Plus, Diplomat America or Seven Corners Travel Medical. All of these plans also cover covid-19 like any other sickness or illness that can occur. That means, if medically necessary, testing/hospitalization is covered. These comprehensive coverage plans will give you the best peace of mind while they are visiting you so you can focus on spending quality time with them and enjoying their visit. When generating a quote on our website, you will see all our visitors insurance plans marked COVID-19 benefit visitors insurance coverage included or excluded.

Most Popular Visitors Insurance Plans on the market with Covid-19 benefit
Company: Eligibility - Visa/Greencard Status: Plan Option:
IMG Global Plans are eligible for green cardholders and visitor’s visa holders. Patriot America Plus
Patriot Platinum America
Global Underwriters Plans are eligible for greencard holders and visitor’s visa holders. Diplomat America
Diplomat Longterm (LT)
WorldTrips Plans are eligible for greencard holders(in pending status only) and visitor’s visa holders. Atlas Travel Insurance
(low-cost, fixed)
Trawick International Plans are eligible for visitor’s visa holders. Safe Travels Comprehensive
Safe Travels Cost Saver
Safe Travels Visitors to USA
(low-cost, fixed)
Seven Corners Plans are eligible for greencard holders and visitor’s visa holders. Seven Corners Travel Medical

We hope this article has helps you identify what to look for when looking for visitors insurance plans and proper visitors insurance coverage for your parents/relatives visiting you in the United States. You can visit our website at If you need help generating a quote, please email us at and share the travelers ages, travel dates, visa/green card status, and destination country for the quickest response. If you have any other questions or feedback regarding this post, you can reach us via email at, toll-free at 800-344-9540/847-897-5120 or WhatsApp at 847-897-5120.