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Frequently Asked Questions

Visitor's and Traveler's Insurance

Visitor's insurance is a widely misunderstood product. Many travelers don't even realize they need insurance at all, but leaving the country without proper coverage can be a huge risk. We've put together this comprehensive visitor's insurance guide to help you understand how to protect yourself while you are traveling abroad.

What is visitor's insurance?

A short-term visitor medical insurance policy which covers you while you are traveling to another country. These policies range from tourist policies meant to cover you from 5-10 days to long-term resident policies meant to cover you for up to 2 years. Medical policies aren't the only kind of coverage you can get. There are other types of coverage, and we discuss them in more detail throughout our website. Examples include trip cancellation plans and group insurance plans.

Why do I need visitor's Insurance coverage?

Some countries offer free health care to residents and to visitors alike. Many don't. You could be out hundreds of thousands of dollars if you have to deal with accidents, injuries, or illnesses while you're within another country's borders. American destinations are particularly tricky. Some health providers won't even see you without a valid insurance policy.

Do I need Travel insurance for domestic trips?

You usually do not need travel coverage for domestic trips, as your current long-term health care will usually suffice. However, it's always a good idea to speak to your provider before embarking on any trip.

I'm going somewhere with a national health service, so I'm covered, right?

Not necessarily. If the destination country has a reciprocal health care agreement with your home country you may be safe, but it's always a good idea to check before you go. In addition, national health services may not cover airlifts and evacuations. Airlifts can be expensive!

I already have health insurance at home. Why can't I just use my existing coverage?

Some health plans do provide limited global coverage. However, these plan usually only accept claims when you seek care from an in-network doctor or hospital. If there are no in-network providers nearby when something happens you could find yourself facing financial disaster because of gaps in your coverage.

Can I get a visitor's plan if I have a pre-existing condition?

We have a variety of pre-existing condition plans for you to choose from. Learn more here.

How do I choose visitor's Insurance coverage?

Call us. We'll discuss your unique situation and needs so you get the right coverage mix. Factors may include where you want to go, what you intend to do when you get there, current health risks and your desired policy deductible. If you intend to go mountain climbing you probably need a different policy than if you intend to go shopping. Either way, remember you typically exert yourself a great deal more than usual while you're on vacation. You're going new places, seeing new things, and adopting a different schedule. This reality can exacerbate certain health conditions. It's better to be safe than sorry.

Is it easy to submit visitor's claims?

Yes! You'll call us and answer some basic questions, or you can fill out claim forms and e-mail them to us.

How much do plans cost?

Costs vary, but in general, our plans are very affordable. It is typically 4% to 12% of the overall trip cost—a pittance when you consider the skyrocketing cost of health care around the world. Remember, when you're traveling you're far from home—and far away from the resources you'd normally use to bounce back from an emergency. Our visitor's plans don't carry any age limit and you don't have to take a medical exam. Call us to discuss your coverage, or view and compare plans, below.