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GROUP INSURANCE FOR IT COMPANIES Fully Insured-Self-funded & Self-Insured Options

Group Insurance for IT Companies

We are specialized in IT Company Employee Benefits for over 35+ years! We offer a full spectrum of high quality, competitively priced products and services that provide the flexibility to create an ideal benefits package. Multiline packages may include group Medical, Dental, Life, Vision, and Disability insurance, can help reduce overall premium rates.

  • We offers the Group Medical Insurance for US resident/citizens/H1 etc. Employee Benefits National PPO (Aetna, CIGNA , UnitedHealthCare (UHC) & PHCS / Multiplan network for medical, Dental & Vision
  • Fully insured ( Medical, Dental, Life, Vision & Disability ( STD & LTD))
  • Self-funded and Level funding medical insurance options.
  • Self-insured products ( Medical, Dental & Vision)

We represent the following Top Group insurance carriers for IT companies.

Fully Insured-Self-funded & Self-Insured Group Benefit Solutions Expert over 37 years.

united healthcare
cigna logo
Cov aetna
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principal financial group
All State
  • We have various Group medical products from All Savers Alternate Funding - A UnitedHealthCare Company,CIGNA Insurance,Trustmark/Starmark as well as National General/Assurant Health. These companies have one of the best self-funded refund products.

    • All Savers Alternate Funding - A UnitedHealthCare Company - They have brand new products for self-funded for 10 + employee. to 99. If you have more than 100+ employees, I can provide the best fully insured or self-insured proposal, as I am one of the UHC platinum agent
    • CIGNA Insurance – They offer 20 to 250 employee Level funded options. They have brand new products for self-funded group and They offer Surplus Option - 2/3 Administrative Fee Credit on base of the states. Surplus credit When actual claims are less than projected, the company receives a credit1 – this is money back directly.
    • Trustmark/Starmark Insurance company - They offer self-funded medical products for 5+ employee and Starmark is the plan Administrator. The Trustmark/Starmark has been in business over 100 years and located in Lake Forest, IL , 5 mile from my office. They offer Surplus Option -100% or 2/3 Administrative Fee Credit on base of the states.
    • National General/Assurant - They offer self-funded medical products for 5+ employee and been in the business over 100 years.They offer Surplus Option - We offer various PPO network. Like - and
  • We want to make you aware that we specialize in Visitor/Travel Medical Insurance for visitors traveling to the U.S. and/or U.S citizens/residents traveling outside the U.S. on visitor or any kind of visa. Our plans can provide inexpensive coverage for as short a period as 5 days - 2 year+. Most of the plans can also be applied for online, making the process quick and easy. Full listings, descriptions and pricing for the various plans can be found on our website:

Please feel free to refer your employees/friends to our website for individual plans. And as always, feel free to call us with any questions you may have regarding the plans.

MAJOR MEDICAL An industry leader in Group Health Insurance.We have national PPO networks like.. PHCS, Aetna, Great west / CIGNA, UnitedHealthCare (UHC). We have the following premium funding arrangements : A) Fully insured B) Self-funded C) Level funding D) Self Insured E) Admin. Service Only (ASO)
DENTAL Indemnity, nationwide PPO (Standard, Value Plan, Network Access Plan). Fully insured & Admin. Service Only (ASO)
VISION Visit high-quality Vision Service Plan (VSP) or Davis Vision provider option doctors with more than 22,000 providers nationwide. Fully insured & ASO.
LIFE Term life, group universal life, AD&D, common carrier and voluntary group life insurance
DISABILITY Short Term (fully insured & ASO premium options) and Long Term with innovative, managed disability programs
SECTION 125 Flex plan, premium only plans and flexible spending accounts

We represent following U.S national insurance carriers - The United HealthCare (UHC), CIGNA, Trustmark/Starmark Insurance, Guardian, Aetna, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Principal, Oxford, Health Net, Assurant Health, Time Insurance and John Alden insurance company. We have insured more that 300+ computer consulting companies (Small size to 2000+ employees nationwide) in the U.S. since 1980. References available upon request.

Please provide the following information to receive the competitive group insurance quotes:
  1. A census of all covered employees. The census must include: name, date of birth, gender (M/F), status (single, couple or family), monthly or yearly salary (if you need disability coverage), employee state of residence and home zip code.

  2. A copy of your current benefits: medical, dental etc...

  3. If you have any benefit changes, please give me that information so that proposal can be tailored to your current or future requirements.

  • High quality coverage(s) from a first rate leader in employee benefits
  • A national company with over 100 years tradition of strength and stability
  • Lower premiums - Take advantage of our cross selling discounts
  • Lower expenses
  • Packaging permits softer renewals of all product lines
  • One billing statement
  • Simplified administration and claims processing
  • Expertise of professional, experienced sales & support staff
  • Superior case management
  • Enrollment & ongoing service assistance & Employee benefits hot line

We offer a complete portfolio of quality products, and we're constantly pioneering the development of new dynamic products and services to respond to consumer's contemporary needs. We give you the flexibility to choose the ideal benefit package for any size group, from 2 to 20,000 employees or more.

The insurance companies we work with have a claims turnaround time that is one of the fastest in the business. Not only are we fastest, we're also consistent, fair and accurate. Claims systems administer all claims according to your plan's specific provisions.

  • Many Combinations of plans that have $250, $500, $1000, $2500 or higher Deductible and 100%, 90/10%, 80/20% Co-insurance plans.
  • Family Deductible Options Available. Two or three family deductible
  • Preventive Care Benefits (If your state mandates coverage - it's already included.)
  • Preventive Care Benefits can be written with the Deductible waived.
  • Prescription Drug Card Benefits are available with $5, $10, $15 , $25 & more...
  • A variety of Dependent Age Limits are available.
  • Calendar Year or Policy Year Carry-Over Deductible Options.
  • Minimum Participation: 35% or 10 enrolled employees, whichever is greater
  • One of the largest nationwide PPO networks in the industry
  • #1 in fully insured new business plan cases and best premiums for the past 7 years.
  • Minimum Participation: 15% or 10 enrolled employees, whichever is greater ($2,500 annual premium minimum).
  • 30% enrollment gets you an employee non-medical amount of : 50-99 lives $25,000, 100-249 lives $50,000
  • We offer Group Universal Life (GUL) with Optional Life on groups of 50+ lives. Combined participation requirement and combined non-medical amounts.
  • 10 or more eligible employees when tied to our Dental or Medical. 100 or more eligible employees when tied to another carrier's voluntary Dental or medical. 500 or more eligible employees for stand alone policy
  • Largest vision care network with over 22,000 provider locations nationwide
  • Average in-network savings is 27% greater than average retail chain
  • Minimum Participation: 25% participation or 10 enrolled employees, whichever is greater.
  • Available to groups of 10 or more lives
  • Compatible claims administration for STD and/or LTD plans written with us
  • Available to groups of 50+ lives
  • Premium Only or Premium, Dependent Care & Medical Reimbursement
  • Dependent Care/Medical Reimbursement costs $4- $6 per month per participant in flex plan.

If you are interested in a quotation with any of our insurance companies please send us a complete employee census including Name, Age, and Gender, Status, State and Zip code where the employee resides. Please add salary information if you need disability coverage and we will get a quote for you .If you would like to talk to our expert team please give us a call at: 1-800-344-9540 or E-mail at


If you’re like many U.S. small business owners, you may have seen recent dramatic price increases on your annual health insurance premiums. Whether this is true or not, you should set aside one minute to learn more about level funding below, as it has the ability to save your business thousands annually on health benefits. Level Funding is also not subject to annual ACA open enrollment periods allowing you to switch and save immediately!


Level funded health plans appear like a hybrid between a traditional group health insurance plan along with a form of self-insurance. Small businesses in most states that employ five or more employees can cover their employees on their own with the added security blanket of an A-rated health insurance carrier that handles the plan's administration. These plans include a stop-loss insurance policy that essentially acts as a hedge against future claims and eliminate risk above your total monthly payments.

Businesses that meet underwriting approval typically see monthly premiums that are 10% -40% lower monthly than their traditional group health insurance plans. Additionally, these programs offer the business an opportunity for a massive refund at year’s end on any unused amounts in the claim’s fund.


If accepted into a level funded benefits program, the monthly premium remains the same level during the entire year. The monthly premiums are typically broken up into (3) buckets. With most programs, (1) 1/3rd of the monthly premium goes to pay claims when employees need to consume health care, (2) 1/3rd goes into the plan’s administration, and the final (3) 1/3rd goes to pay a stop-loss premium reducing risk if actual expenses go beyond the claims fund. The monies paid monthly for the claims administration and the stop-loss policy are not refundable to the employer. However, the final ~1/3rd (the claims fund) is refundable back to the employer based on actual claims experience (claims paid out) throughout the year.

These programs are partially based on utilization of health care. Therefore many small businesses (particularly those that employ a fairly healthy workforce) tend to see 2 months premiums or more refunded back to them at year’s end. Should the inverse happen and the group depletes the entire claims fund, employers are 100% protected by the stop-loss policy on all claims over the annual funded amount.


First and foremost, businesses do not have to pay premiums which are based on community rates, which might be higher than a specific employer group’s risk. Instead, an employer only pays the actual claims, along with an additional administrative fee.

Another benefit of level funding is that if all the money you set aside each month to cover claims is not used, you will receive a refund at the end of the year from the surplus. This is money that under a traditional plan would be forever gone regardless of your actual medical use. Additionally, many level funding plans provide detailed reporting on utilization trends giving you important information on where employees may be causing overspending (such as unnecessary use of emergency room visits instead of urgent care).

If you have any questions or looking for competitive quotes, please call or send us an email at with your current employees' census and your current benefit.