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Insurance for Canadian Travelers Visiting the United States

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For Visitors Insurance plans with pre-existing condition coverage, coverage period must be 90 days minimum and select $50,000 or $100,000 medical policy limits when generating a quote – Get quotes / Compare Plans

Visitors Insurance for Travel from Canada does offer visitors insurance plans for coverage for Canadian travelers visiting the United States. These plans covers any accidental injuries, sicknesses, illnesses that occur during your travel including doctors visitors, urgent care, prescription drugs, emergency room visits and hospitalization. We do offer plans that cover COVID-19 as any other sickness or illness that can occur during travel. Most of our plans are also renewable/extendable as needed. To learn more, see our FAQS for Canadian travelers below.

Any visitor traveling from Canada should purchase visitors health insurance. Most domestic policies will only cover you in your home country and have little to no coverage once you are traveling outside of your home country. We offer plans for foreign students, travelers from other countries, business travel, international workers and more. To learn more about your options please visit Visitors Insurance.

Unfortunately, your insurance in Canada will not cover you in the United States.

We offer both low-cost schedule of benefit and comprehensive coverage plans. If you need assistance with a quote, please email us at

Comprehensive coverage plans are the most popular health insurance plans for Canadians visiting the United States. The best comprehensive plan for Canadians visiting the United States is Safe Travels Comprehensive. It uses the First Health Network (a subsidiary of Aetna) and has a $0 deductible in-network with 100% coverage up to the policy maximum you choose. This plan also covered COVID-19 like any other sickness or illness that can occur. To learn more, visit and you can request a quote.

You are able to purchase a Visitors Insurance plans for a family member or loved one. You will need to provide their full legal name on the passport, date of birth, and home country address. If you are purchasing on their behalf, the rest of the details you will be able to fill out during the application process. To learn more, visit Visitors Insurance and you can request a quote.

We are more than happy to help you find the best plan for your individual needs. Feel free to call us at 800-344-9540, WhatsApp 847-897-5120 or email us at You can also fill out a form at to get assistance quickly.