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Privacy Policy

Insurance Carrier/Underwriters:
  • Sirius International | AM Best Rating: A "Excellent" | Administrator : International Medical Group (IMG)
  • GBG Insurance Limited | BBB Rating : Best's Issuer Credit Rating | Administrator : Trawick International
  • Lloyd's of London | AM Best Rating : A+ (Superior) Administrator : HCCMIS Travel insurance
  • Lloyd's of London | AM Best Rating : A+ (Superior) Administrator : Azimuth Risk Solutions
  • Lloyd's of London | AM Best Rating : A+ (Superior) Administrator : Seven Corners
  • CIGNA Insurance- Carrier/Underwriter : AM Best Rating : A
  • Premier Assurance Group SPC LTD | Administrator : Worldwide Expatriate Association (WEA)
  • Lloyd's of London | AM Best Rating : A+ (Superior) | Administrator : Peterson International Underwriters

Community Insurance Agency, Inc. (CIA) offers customers a wide range of insurance products, often available online. CIA maintains a corporate website describing policy options available through our affiliated insurance companies and intermediaries. Thus, we provide a source of one-stop digital shopping for consumers seeking insurance of all kinds, for all purposes.

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Protecting Your Privacy

Please be assured that your personal information is safe, distributed neither indiscriminately nor widely across the Internet.

The information provided is used to respond to any questions that you may have presented us with.

Complete Online Security: Our Promise to You

CIA is a leader in digital security.

Several CIA insurance plans can be accessed and acquired online. Our secure Web form eliminates the possibility any other firm or individual can access this material. NO information exchanged over CIA secure-sites can be viewed by anyone else, anywhere on the Internet. Protecting your confidentiality is the highest priority at CIA

This is our pledge to you: We have NO contact with other firms' data-gathering processes, nor their mailing lists. Everything you share with CIA remains exclusively with us; there is NEVER any third party involvement. In some cases, a security window will appear on your monitor the moment your insurance inquiry enters a safe zone (URL https://).From there, your contact with CIA is protected by the highest degree of Web security for the remainder of the purchase process.

Community Insurance Agency realizes the importance of your personal information, and its potential to generate discomfort or damage should it fall into the wrong hands. Our security measures set an industry-standard, which guarantees nothing of value to you can be accessed or compromised acquiring insurance from CIA.

To help us serve you better we do keep your contact number, email address and any other information voluntarily provided by you on file. You could ask us to delete/modify any data we may have on you. You may also opt for no further contact from us a dropping us an email or via a phone call.

We may be required to change our privacy policy at any point in time. We would not be sending out any notification. However, any changes to the privacy policy would be updated on this webpage.

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