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Collegiate Care Standard Insurance

Policy maximum $100,000 per Injury or Sickness

Collegiate Care Standard

Collegiate Care Plans provide insurance coverage to you when you are temporarily residing outside your home country or country of permanent residence and actively engaged in education or research activities in the USA. Your spouse and dependent children are also eligible for coverage if they are accompanying you and enrolled in your plan. As an international, you are considered “actively engaged“ in education, teaching, or research activities if you are one of the following: undergraduate student registered for and attending classes on full time basis; graduate student; student involved in education, educational activities, or research related activities; scholar; researcher; or teacher who is invited by an educational organization. For students to be eligible you must be actively attending classes for at least the first 31 calendar days after the date for which your coverage is purchased. Home study, correspondence, internet classes, and television courses do not fulfill the eligibility requirements of Collegiate Care Plans. You must be enrolled to cover your spouse and/or children. Permanent residents (green card holders) and US Citizens are not eligible for this Plan. It is only available for internationals while in the USA. Please be sure to check the benefits and policy exclusions on your personalized policy documents and make sure they fit your visa/school requirements. Upon effective date - this plan is fully earned and non-refundable. There are no partial refunds

Trawcik International travel insurance programs are designed for those traveling to the USA, individuals traveling abroad, US Citizens who are traveling in the USA and non US citizens traveling from their home country but not visiting the USA. We offer an extensive worldwide network of quality physicians, hospitals and pharmacies.

Medical Benefits:
  • Student: $100,000 per Injury or Illness
  • Spouse/Domestic Partner: $100,000 per Injury or Illness
  • Dependent Child: $100,000 per Injury or Illness
  • $500,000 Annual Maximum
  • Motor Vehicle Accident Maximum: $10,000 per Period of Insurance
  • Co-Insurance 80% to Plan Maximum – In Network 60% of UCR – Out of Network
  • Deductible Per Injury or Sickness $100 if first treated by the Student Health Center
  • Deductible Per Injury or Sickness $500 if not first treated by the Student Health Center
  • Co-Pay - Per Injury or Sickness $30 for Physician visit
  • Co-Pay - Per Injury or Sickness $50 Specialist visit
  • Co-Pay - Per Injury or Sickness $50 Consultation fee
  • Co-Pay - Per Injury or Sickness $250 Hospital visit/Emergency room visit
  • Ambulance $350 Maximum
  • Mental and Nervous Disorders Inpatient - up to 40 days per Period of Insurance
  • Mental and Nervous Disorders Outpatient - up to $500 Maximum per Period of Insurance
  • Alcohol and Drug Abuse - Inpatient or Outpatient - up to $1,000 Maximum per Period of Insurance
  • Physiotherapy, Physical Therapy, Chiropractic - Combined $500 per year Maximum per Period of Insurance
  • Prescriptions are covered
  • Dental treatment for injury - $250 per tooth $500 Maximum per Period of Insurance
  • See Brochure for details