VisitorSecure – What to Know - Benefits, Plan Details & More

Visitors Care Protect Plan

This blog will breakdown the VisitorSecure Insurance by WorldTrips, a popular schedule of benefit, fixed benefit plan on the market for visitors traveling outside of their home country. This blog will help guide you in making the best decision on what visitor’s insurance plan to purchase from that will best meet your insurance needs and help you travel with peace of mind for yourself or for loved ones.

VisitorSecure travel insurance plans by WorldTrips is a low-cost, schedule of benefit plan. This is a popular, cost-effective visitors insurance plan that will cover you for a new sickness or illness that occurs once the policy has started. This is a reimbursement plan which means you will be responsible for the medical bill upfront and you will have to claim to the insurance company for reimbursement via your member portal.

VisitorSecure is a cost-effective insurance plan as it’s a fixed benefit plan. You can generate a quote at Rates are based on age, policy maximum and deductible you choose at time of purchase. Daily Rates range form $1-$7 per day based on what you choose.

VisitorSecure offers acute onset of a pre-exisiting condition benefit. This plan does not cover pre-existing conditions and any known medical treatments needed during travel. You can learn more about this plan and see sample documents by visiting the VisitorSecure Insurance by WorldTrips product page here -

The claims process for WorldTrips is very seamless. You will log into your member portal to submit your claim and upload any supporting documents and receipts. You can check your member portal for status of the claim and get updates while your claim is being processed.

There are no hidden costs with VisitorSecure travel insurance, however, you must be aware this is a fixed benefit plan which means you will pay up front for all medical expenses and get reimbursed per the schedule of benefit listed in your policy wording. If there is a difference in payment, the member is responsible for that cost.

We hope this article has helps you understand more about the VisitorSecure travel plan. If you need help generating a quote, please email us at and share the travelers ages, travel dates, visa/green card status, and destination country for the quickest response.

You can also visit our product page here to learn more about VisitorSecure -

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