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VisitorSecureSM Insurance Low cost fixed benefit plan

Travelling outside the country can become a really daunting task if you are not prepared for a medical emergency. One common mistake that most of the travelers make is that they assume that they will be covered by their standard insurance plan, but unfortunately that is not the case. Our plans provide us domestic coverage, so if you are thinking of travelling internationally, you need to invest in Visitor’s Care Coverage.

What is VisitorSecure Coverage?

VisitorSecure Coverage offers a number of different benefits to the people who are travelling outside their country for a minimum of five days. There are four available options that people can choose based on the maximum limits as well as the deductible levels.

Highlights of the Coverage

  • It is renewable for up to 2 years
  • The deductible options range from $0 to $100
  • The maximum limits range from $25,000 to $100,000
  • It only covers medical related expenses
  • It is suitable for holidays, visits, as well as business travelling

Coverage Information About the Visitors Secure Insurance

Here are the conditions that apply to all people who are enrolling in the plan:

  • The Visitors Secure Insurance is for non-US citizens who are travelling outside their country.
  • People, who are visiting the US and are under the age of 65, need to begin their initial Period of Coverage within six months of entering the country. People who are above the age of 65 need to begin within 30 days of arrival.

Quality Guarantee

IMG takes customer services very seriously, so if you are not pleased with any aspect of the plan, you can file in a written request for cancellation and get your refund. It is important you know that you will have to pay a $50 cancellation fee, and only full month premiums are eligible for refund.

Learning about Renewal of Coverage

The coverage can be renewed if the plan was purchased for a minimum of 5 days. If your renewal is for less than a month, you will have to pay a processing fee of $5. It is important you know that the eligibility to purchase or renew the product can change if there are any changes in the applicable law, which includesthe Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA).

Learning About the Conditions of Coverage of Visitor Secure Insurance

Here are some of the conditions that you need to know:

  • The benefits as well as the coverage will be subjected to the terms of Certificate of Insurance and Master Policy as well as coinsurance.
  • The coverage of this plan will be counted as secondary to any other plan.
  • The coverage plan is for medical charges only that are deemed to be usual and necessary.
  • The charges are to be ordered and administered by a physician.
  • The claims are to be presented to IMG within 3 months of it being incurred.

Coverage Information

The plan is suitable for emergency evacuations, in case a person suffers from heart attack. In case of accidental death, $25,000 will be paid to the beneficiary.

There are quite a lot of insurance coverage policies that can be acquired in the United States for travelers, but one of the best ones without a doubt is the VisitorSecureSM insurance. It is specifically available for non-U.S. citizens that are looking to travel outside of their home country. You can acquire the insurance coverage online and can even apply for it through the mail as well. Once you have purchased the insurance you will be given a virtual ID card in your email, which will determine that you have received the VisitorSecureSM insurance card.

The insurance company will provide you with coverage for all medical conditions, injuries, or accidents that have occurred to you in the United States. You will not be liable to pay for any expenses that are incurred once you have acquired the insurance, since all of it will be covered. There are also some pre-existing conditions that are covered in the insurance policy that guarantees you will not have to pay any money if you suffer from certain medical conditions.

Important things to know

You should learn that dental isn’t covered and prescription drugs are also not covered, which means that you will be charged real money when it comes to the payment. The insurance will not cover the bill and you will have to make the payments from your own pockets. You can use the insurance to your advantage in a number of different ways, since the insurance can be purchased from a minimum of 5 days to 364 days. The low cost medical health insurance has proven to be extremely beneficial for all visitors who are visiting the United States, since they can take advantage of the greater flexibility that has been afforded to them in the form of payments for their medical bills.

One of the best things that you can take advantage from in this prescription bill is that you can get instant quotes and get complete coverage with full credit card payment. You don’t have to take a medical checkup in order to qualify for this medical insurance, since you can purchase it for a short amount of time and renew it as well. There are many different details available about the VisitorSecureSM insurance plan that have been mentioned in the brochure, so make sure that you do check that out in order to make a well informed decision.

Why you need it?

Everyone needs healthcare insurance, especially in the United States, where medical costs are going through the roof. You should make sure that you definitely check out the VisitorSecureSM insurance, because it is not only going to help you out in terms of the costs of healthcare, but will also ensure that you can take advantage of certain medical expenses.

A lot of people who are traveling to the United States have started checking out the VisitorSecureSM insurance, since it allows them to spend their time in the country with no hassles.