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The Bridge Plan by Petersen International Underwriters

Bridging the Gap to Medicare Eligibility

The Bridge Plan

The Bridge Plan is a major medical expense insurance plan intended for persons aged 60-95 who are awaiting acceptance as a participant in the U.S. Medicare System. This plan is eligible for foreign national visiting USA, Green card holders living in USA. This plan has a maximum policy period of 3 months. Plan has an option of Part A & Part B.

For a senior citizen, Visitors/Traveler (parent's or relatives) being uninsured is incredibly dangerous and fiscally irresponsible; however, being accepted into the United States Medicare program can be tricky. We offers the temporary Bridge Major Medical Insurance Plan to cover senior citizens in the transition period between traditional insurance and Medicare.  Medicare applicants must live in the US for five years as legal residents before they are accepted into the program. Others may miss their application date and have to wait an extra 18 months before obtaining full medical insurance. The Bridge Plan is a temporary major medical insurance plan intended for use by seniors awaiting acceptance in the U.S. Medicare system.

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The plan is Not Available state: AK, CA, CO, CT, DE, IA, KY, ME, MD, MS, MO, MT, NB, NJ, NM, NY, NC, RI, SC, SD, TN
The Bridge Plan Works Like.

The Bridge Plan is a major medical expense insurance plan intended for persons aged 60-95 who are awaiting acceptance as a participant in the U.S. Medicare System. Foreign Nationals are usually eligible to purchase Medicare Parts A & B five years after becoming U.S. Residents. While awaiting enrollment in Medicare, they may apply for coverage through The Bridge Plan. The Bridge Plan reimburses medically necessary expenses incurred.

Deductible & Benefits Platinum $1,000,000 - Maximum Benefit - $1000 deductible up to age 69
Gold $500,000 - Maximum Benefit - $2500 deductible up to age 79
Silver $250,000- Maximum Benefit -$5,000 deductible up to age 79
Bronze - $100,000 - Maximum Benefit -$10,000 deductible up to age 90
Coinsurance Once the deductible has been fulfilled, the policy will cover 100% up to the policy maximum.
Thereafter Once the deductible and coinsurance have been satisfied, 100% of eligible expenses are paid on the basis of usual, customary and reasonable charges, up to the policy maximum.
Policy Period

The Bridge Plan is a temporary plan and has a maximum policy period of 364 days. At the end of the 364 days, you may apply for a new term of insurance.

Part A: Hospitalization

Hospitalization Benefits:

Covered expenses include semi-private room and board charges, general nursing, miscellaneous hospital services and supplies, drugs, x-rays, laboratory tests and operating rooms.

Hospice Facilities Benefits:

Such costs are covered, including medically necessary out-patient treatment. A physician must certify the need of such care.

Skilled Nursing Facility Benefits:

Such costs are covered following a necessary hospital confinement of three days or longer and begins within 30 days following the hospital confinement.

Home Health Care Services Benefits:

Skilled care at home is covered if such care is deemed to be medically necessary.

Part B: Physicians and Surgeons

Physicians and Surgeons Benefits:

The costs of physicians and surgeons are covered on either an in-patient or out-patient basis. Supplies, therapy and ambulance services are covered if prescribed as medically necessary.

Additional Information

  • The insured may be treated by any doctor or at any hospital.
  • Benefits paid are based on usual, customary and reasonable charges.
  • The deductible and coinsurance are on a per policy period basis.
  • The plan may include coverage for Part A, Part B or both.

Who Needs the Bridge Plan

Senior aged people desire coverage under the Social Security Medicare program. There are some people who, either by residency status or other reasons, may not be currently eligible for Medicare. All permanent residents of the United States are eligible for Medicare at some point in time. There are three conditions for which The Bridge Plan is used as a substitute.

Medicare Restriction #1:

Medicare will usually accept people who have been a permanent resident of the United States for at least five years. This does not require citizenship or any pre-payment into Social Security prior to eligibility. The only requirement is that they must pay a monthly premium to have both Part A and Part B.
Solution: The Bridge Plan is available to persons who have become permanent residents of the United States and who are within the five year waiting period for Medicare eligibility.

Medicare Restriction #2:

Some people may be eligible for Medicare due to age and qualifications, but have failed to enroll. Enrollment is not automatic. Social Security does not remind people to enroll. If a person misses the enrollment period, that person must wait to enroll at a later date. This process may take as long as 18 months!
Solution: The Bridge Plan will cover that person with benefits similar to Medicare until the next enrollment opportunity.

Medicare Restriction #3:

Some people, for various reasons, have only Part A or Part B. They may be able to acquire the additional part through Medicare, but at a later date.
Solution: The Bridge Plan may be sold with both Part A and Part B, just Part A, or just Part B.

This plan is not compliant with the Affordable Care Act: This is not intended to be a complete outline of coverage. Actual wording may change without notice. Underwriters reserve the right to modify terms and benefits at time of underwriting