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Overseas Visitors InsuranceSM by Azimuth Risk Solutions

Exclusive Comprehensive Coverage Plan

Overseas Visitors InsuranceSM

Overseas Visitors InsuranceSM (OVI) is a Short-term health insurance. If visiting the U.S.A., the Plan provides benefits to foreign nationals (Parents and relatives), including international visitors, or temporary residents, subject to the terms and conditions of the certificate of coverage. OVI is travel insurance for non-U.S. citizens traveling outside of their home country Including USA and Canada.


  • Physician Visits/ Urgent Care: $35 co pay
  • Deductible options: $100; $250; $500; $1,000; $2,500
  • United Healthcare PPO network
  • Plan A & C covers 90% up to first $5000 and thereafter 100% up to Policy max
  • Plan B covers 100% up to the policy max
  • Plan A & Plan B covers Acute Onset of an Existing condition up to age 79
  • Plan C covers Acute Onset of an Existing condition up to age 69

In case you fall sick or get injured during your travels, how can you cope so far from home base? Your home health insurance will not be valid during this painful period either. Therefore, if you are planning a trip overseas, then you need to take out health insurance that can protect you during that period.

Overseas Visitors InsuranceSM

Acute Onset of Preexisting Condition benefits:

Plan A & B: Ages up to 69: Up to lesser of Medical Maximum or $100,000 or Ages 70-79: Up to lesser of Medical Maximum or $35,000.

Plan C: Ages up to 69: Up to the medical maximum.

What is Overseas Visitors InsuranceSM and how it helps?

This is where Overseas Visitors InsuranceSM comes into the picture. Irrespective of your location, this traveling health insurance will be with you wherever you are. The 24/7 health insurance acts like traditional models, the only difference being that it is mobile while others are location based. In other words, you can travel without any worries knowing that your health will be taken care of irrespective of your destination.

If you are traveling abroad, you need insurance protection in case you become sick or hurt while traveling. Your health insurance at home doesn’t always follow you when you leave your home country. No matter where you go, Overseas Visitors Insurance can help with medical expenses, 24-hour travel assistance, and a network of medical providers. Let us take the worry out of your travel! When you buy online, you receive your digital travel insurance documents within minutes.

Travel friendly visitor’s insurance can give you a range of benefits that are otherwise denied to most travelers. This includes but is not limited to:

In addition, members will also be well taken care of in case they encounter a natural disaster during their travels. This includes replacement accommodation in case the current one is unlivable. If members are unable to continue their trip due to residential damage because of a natural disaster, they will be reimbursed for the cost of their return trip home.

IThe benefits are paid as additions to deductibles as well as coinsurance as per your maximum medical limit. To ensure complete peace of mind for members, any minors that travel with them will be personally escorted to home base.

Eligibility and Duration of Benefits

You are eligible for this travel insurance if you are 14 days old and older. Coverage can also be purchased for spouses, unmarried children who are dependent and over 14 days old but younger than 19 years of age.

The duration of the benefits or benefit period starts from the date of your injury/ailment to acquire treatment. This is applicable if members are out of the country while limited coverage is for home base.

Traveling can rejuvenate you, but it can also turn hazardous instantly. Ensure yours and your loved one’s health by opting for travel insurance coverage by opting for Overseas Visitors InsuranceSM