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Meridian Clear Health Insurance Plan by Azimuth Risk Solutions

Long Term plan - Quick issue & Flexible underwriting

Meridian Clear Plan

Meridian Clear Plan Plan BENEFITS

  • Low Cost Long Term major medical coverage
  • No need to complete a detailed medical history - new Immigrants (Green Card Holders) & Non Immigrants (H1 B, H4, L1, L2, B1 etc..
  • US Citizens Traveling Abroad or Foreign national has Two Area benefits options
  • Area 1 : Worldwide-Including U.S. & Canada. & Area 2: Worldwide-Excluding U.S. & Canada

Who Is Eligible for Meridian Clear?

Meridian Clear is a true industry innovation which is designed to provide coverage for clients who may not have qualified for other international medical plans, either because of suboptimal health conditions, or have an immediate need for coverage. Clients who qualify medically and are more than 14 days old and under the age of 65 who either live outside of the United States, or who would not qualify for a US domestic health insurance plan as a result of their citizenship status may apply for the plan.Once accepted, you would be able to renew indefinitely with no medical questions at your renewal period (subject to the terms of the Evidence of Insurance). Those clients who qualify ...

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