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The Beacon Travel Series

International Short-Term Insurance Plan

The Beacon Travel Series

The Beacon Series offers the most comprehensive series of benefits available in today's travel medical insurance market all at an affordable price. The plan works as two ways: Beacon America: For Non US Citizens traveling Worldwide - Including U.S. & Canada, Excluding Country of Citizenship. Beacon International: US Citizens /Non US citizens traveling outside their home country - Excluding U.S. & Canada.

What you should know about The Beacon Travel Series

If you are looking for travel insurance then you need to check out overseas care insurance, or overseas visitor health insurance. It is designed specifically to help US citizens who are traveling outside the country to get help, especially when it comes to medical insurance. This means that people who travel internationally will not have to worry about their medical expenses or other medical emergencies when they go abroad. There are several different types of insurance cover policies that are made available to people, and the best course of action is to individually research the overseas care insurance policies to find the best possible one.

The Beacon Series o­ers the most comprehensive schedule of benefits available in today's travel medical insurance market and all at an a­ordable price. Azimuth believes the real value of an insurance plan exists in the service attached to the plan and the ability to respond in a time of need. Azimuth takes tremendous pride in professionally serving our clients...

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DEDUCTIBLE OPTIONS: - Choice of a $0, $100, $250, $500, $1,000 or $2,500 per coverage period.
MAXIMUM BENEFIT: - $60,000, $110,000, $550,000, $1,100,000, or $2,000,000 (Ages 70-79, $50,000 Maximum Limit; ages 80+, $12,000 Maximum Limt)
Sudden Onset of Pre-existing :

The Beacon Series offers coverage for a prior health condition, which suddenly and unexpectedly asserts itself during your travel, but has not received ongoing treatment, which would include medication or therapy of any kind for the past 730 days. Policies purchased with a Maximum Limits of $110,000, $550,000, or $1,100,000 offer coverage for Eligible Expenses up to $150,000. Policies purchased for all other Maximum Limits offer up to $50,000 and up to $25,000 when related to an Emergency Medical Evacuation. The Sudden Onset of Preexisting benefit is only available to Participating Members under the age of 70. With this powerful benefit, you will enjoy the peace of mind knowing you have coverage, even when your health history has a few blemishes.

Treatment received within USA:

In PPO Network: The plan Pays 100% of eligible expenses (subject to deductible) up to the Policy Maximum limits... Treatment received out of PPO network in USA & Canada: The plan pays 80% of next $5,000 of eligible expenses (subject to deductible), then 100% to the overall maximum Policy limit.

Treatment received outside USA & Canada: - is 100% (No-Coinsurance) covered after the deductible.