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Study Abroad Premier $250,000 per Accident/Sickness per Policy Year

Study Abroad Premier

The Safe Travels for Students Studying Abroad Premier plans are designed for students who are traveling outside of their home country for a study abroad program. Besides covering accidents and sickness this plan provides the requirements of most schools. Rates are weekly or monthly, based on age and available for ages up to 59. They are a primary coverage and benefits are Usual, Customary and Reasonable.

Study Abroad Plans: Is for students studying Abroad program anywhere outside of your home country and not in the USA Study Abroad Plans are designed for students and chaperones as they travel anywhere outside of their home country and not studying in the USA.For many, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity and it is imperative that you have the accident and medical coverage you need should something occur while you are away. No one likes to think about the occasional mishaps or sicknesses that can strike, but they can happen and it is always recommended to have insurance coverage in place should you need it. Being stuck in a foreign country without this coverage can make your journey much less enjoyable and cause unfortunate financial burdens. Our Study Abroad Plans are put in place to help you get the most from your trip and let you focus on the more important aspects of your journey to study abroad. You are eligible for this Study Abroad Insurance if you are a student or chaperone and you are involved in a Study Abroad program anywhere outside of your home country and not in the USA. This plan provides weekly and monthly rates and meets visa requirements.

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  • Maximum for Medical Expenses: $250,000 per Accident/Sickness per Period of Insurance
  • Maximum Benefit Period: 1 year from the date of the Covered Accident or Sickness
  • Deductible: $0 per Policy Year
  • Hospital Room & Board/Intensive Care 100%
  • Inpatient or Outpatient Surgery 100%
  • Doctor Visits/Doctor Office Visits 100%
  • Hospital Miscellaneous 100%
  • Surgeon’s Fees, Anesthesia , Assistant Surgeon/CRNA 100%
  • Prescriptions, Labs, X-rays and Injections 100%
  • Chiropractic Care $10,000 Maximum per Period of Insurance
  • Physical Therapy 100% 10 visit Maximum per Period of Insurance
  • Medical Emergency Services 100%
  • Mental & Nervous - Inpatient $5,000 30 days max per Period of Insurance or Outpatient $1,000 Maximum per Period of Insurance
  • Alcohol & Substance Abuse Expense - Inpatient or Outpatient $1,000 combined Maximum per Period of Insurance
  • Durable Medical Equipment 100% of rental to purchase price
  • Ambulance Expense 100% 
  • Dental Injury 100% up to $250 per tooth, Maximum $500 per Period of Insurance
  • Maternity Expenses
  • Newborn Care $500