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Let Our 35 years of expertise help you choose the best plan for your loved ones
Let Our 35 years of expertise help you choose the best plan.

IMG Europe, Ltd & IMG U.S.A Products


Experts in the field of International Travel Insurance, Visitor's Insurance™ has been specializing in the business for over 35 years. Associated with The Community Insurance Agency Inc. they are in partnership with Sirius International Insurance Corporation who work as the underwriting company, One can rest assured knowing that Sirius International Insurance Corporation, our underwriting company, has been in business for over 200 years vigilantly safeguarding customers via their general underwriter, International Medical Group® Inc. (IMG®), who are their manager.

Whether someone's insurance needs are short-term or long-term they can find the health insurance they need. Visitor's Insurance™, offers medical insurance for both Travelers and Visitors. Perhaps some people need health insurance as a temporary visitor to the United States, or perhaps they are a Foreign National who will be living here and have family who will be coming, they can be at ease knowing that coverage is available.

If someone is a U.S. citizen and planning on traveling abroad we have been fulfilling the needs of international travel insurance for more than 35 years.In the event that emergency evacuation is necessary or if one's health is compromised and there is need of repatriation, we have various choices of deductibles and limits to our insurance policies. Customers can plan to take coverage for 5 days or up to a 2 year maximum and can be assured that with their initial purchase of one month or more, the plan will be renewable every month until the end up to 24 months if they keep the plan continuously. There is no need to worry about any break in a person's coverage.

As anyone can see Visitors Insurance™.com can be of service to people in so many different ways. If they are searching for competitive quotes online, agents are available and glad to assist them. These agents can help people decide on the correct insurance policy for themas individuals and help them make the purchase. They can also help in getting ID cards or Green Cards in specific instances for temporary Residents.There are many other plans related to the Travel and Visitors Medical Insurance market that have not been mentioned. These include Insurance for Missionaries as well as Student Insurance. Also available are Pre-existing Condition Plans for U.S or non U.S travelers.

There are other more specific plans that may interest people, one of them being the Trip Cancellation/Interruption Plan. Why take chances losing money in the case that a trip is cancelled? This plan will be helpful in case something unfortunate like this occurs.If a plan to any of the Shengen States are in the future then having a Shengen Visa can be obtained via Visitors Insurance™ For IT companies a plan is available for Group Insurance, and International Group Travel Insurance is also available.With so many varied plans available, finding a great plan for any circumstance is very easy and sure to bring peace of mind to all customers.

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