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"Let Our 35 years of expertise help you choose the best plan for your loved ones"

At Visitor's Insurance Protect your finances and your health by letting us work with you to find the right coverage.

Visitors Insurance for Parents or relatives Visiting USA

Short-term coverage (5 days to 2 years) is an absolute must if you're travelling in the United States. Some medical facilities won't even see you if you don't have an insurance card in hand when you check in.

Medical expenses can routinely cost $100,000 or more, even for relatively simple emergency procedures. By contrast, our plans are quite financially reasonable. Visitor's Insurance just makes sense.

We have Low-cost Schedule of coverage or Comprehensive insurance plans

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Pre-existing conditions - Visitors Insurance coverage options

These plans are specifically designed for insurance recipients that have a pre-existing health condition. This way you have plan that fulfill your needs and is willing to cover certain things associated with a pre existing condition

  • Acute Onset of Pre-existing Condition prior to age 70 - Medical Expenses up to $500,000 policy maximum
  • Pre-existing Conditions- Coverage for controlled with in 12 months
  • Sudden Onset of a Pre-existing Condition - Up to Age 69

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Insurance for Foreign national Visiting or living in the USA

Bringing your entire family to live in the United States with you? They're going to need insurance. Visitor's insurance offers plans that Will keep your family covered for up to 2 years. The plan may be Renewed each and every month until your 24 months is up.

But our support doesn't end there. We can help temporary residents obtain ID cards or green cards, too.

VMP plans-$50 Dr co-pay and 90% or 100% benefits in nationwide PPO provider

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Student Travel Insurance coverage - Meet the U.S. J1 and J2 visa

The plans for Individual or groups of 2+ student - Short-term coverage available from 1 to 4 years for educational and cultural exchange programs

Medical coverage for students, families and groups while studying abroad. Designed for individuals and groups of two or more students studying abroad or participants of cultural exchange programs. Most plan options are designed to meet the U.S. J1 and J2 visa travel insurance requirements.

BEST FOR: Students who are traveling outside of their home country and engaged in full-time educational classes and/or research.

US Citizens Travelling Abroad - Plan for Every Int'l Travelers

It would be impossible to discuss every scenario or plan option we offer in a single web page. Every traveler has a different situation, so we offer individualized options and coverage combinations. Rest assured. we've got a plan for you no matter what sort of international travel you're considering.

Our 35 years of experience and our commitment to outstanding service gives us the insight to help you choose the right option.

US Resident/Citizens traveling for Short-Term/Long term Travel insurance plans

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"I broke my leg while visiting the US. I thought we'd be charge more than I could ever pay. But Visitor's Insurance had us covered.
Now I know l will always be able to travel safely. "
- M.Suresh