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Short term major medical plan International Short Term Major Medical Plan

Short term major medical plan

Short Term Major Medical Plan is available for ages 0 to 59. This plan is eligible for individuals who need temporary coverage, who are in between jobs or who have been postponed for group coverage.

The insurance described herein is a temporary major medical insurance plan with a maximum term length of 11 Months. Eligible expenses caused by an illness or injury and incurred from any doctor or any hospital within the USA will be reimbursed to you

  • All expenses are applied toward the deductible
  • Once the deductible has been fulfilled, the policy will cover 100% up to $1,000,000. The Short Term Major Medical plan is set up to be as simple as possible - No co-pay & No coinsurance. Policy Maximum and deductible are per person, per policy period. There is a choice of $100, $250, $500, $1,000, or $2,500 deductibles.
Eligible Expenses
Hospital Expenses
  • All medically necessary expenses while hospitalized including
  • Hospital room and board limited to semi-private daily rate,
  • Hospital intensive care unit,
  • Emergency room care,
  • Outpatient surgery,
  • Diagnostic services,
  • Supplies and therapy.
Physician Services
  • All medically necessary expenses for treatment including
  • Physician services consisting of home, office, and hospital visits,
  • Other medical care and treatment,
  • Diagnostic services,
  • Supplies and therapy.
killed Nursing Facilities:

Skilled Nursing Facility room and board, provided confinement begins within 30 days following a Medically Necessary Hospital confinement of 3 days or longer.

Home Health Care:

All medically necessary expenses if hospitalization would have been required if Home Health Care was not provided and the care is provided in accordance with a written plan established, approved and followed by a physician.

Ambulance Services Expenses:

To and from a hospital within 100 miles in the same geographic area.

To and from a hospital within 100 scription Drugs:

Outpatient prescription medications covered up to a maximum of $500.

$25,000 Accidental Death:

$50,000 if accidental death occurs while riding as a passenger of a common carrier

Policy Period:

The Short Term Major Medical Plan is a temporary plan and has a maximum policy period of 11 months. Policies cannot be renewed or rewritten.