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Patriot GoTravel International 100% Coverage outside USA & Canada

Patriot GoTravel International

Patriot GoTravel provides coverage for American citizens wishing to travel internationally with their families. Coverage can be purchased for a variety of coverage times, starting at five days and going up to two years. If at least one month of coverage are purchased initially, the plan can be renewed for up to two years without any breaks in health insurance coverage. This plan does not cover Emergency evacuation & Repatriation.

Most people are used to insurance in their lives. They have it for their home, their car, and for their health. However, many don't consider their health insurance when traveling abroad. A person could have the best insurance in America with the finest coverage, sadly this coverage of little use outside of the United States. This is where Patriot GoTravel International Insurance comes in. Patriot GoTravelSM International has over three decades of experience in the industry and allows travelers to use medical facilities and services abroad.

If a medical emergency, injury, or simply a need for medical care occurs while out of the United States a traveler is going to want travel insurance. Firstly, medical costs in other countries are often quite expensive and without travelers insurance an individual is likely to find themselves with a large bill if care is needed. Secondly, being far away from home a traveler is going to be unfamiliar with the local hospitals and there may also be a language barrier. Lastly, medical emergencies are stressful and unplanned events and help is always appreciated.With traveler's insurance help is always available twenty-four hours a day to assist. This can prove invaluable when a hospital is needed, getting past language barriers, or just converting...

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  • For Americans traveling internationally.
  • 100% coverage internationally (Out side the home country).
  • Evacuation and repatriation in emergencies not included.
  • Covers pre-existing conditions that may recur.
  • Rider for brief coverage periods inside the US.
  • Variable coverage periods available: 5 days to 2 years.
  • No age limitations.