GEO Group - Global Employers Option

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Global Employer Option - GEO Group BENEFITS

  • For a group of two or more employees living abroad that are U.S. or Canadian citizens.
  • Worldwide coverage (including U.S.A) and medical benefits styled on the U.S.
  • Available coverage include maternity, dental, life and daily indemnity.
  • Plans are customizable and the international rates are cost effective.
  • When using a PPO provider the deductible is reduced by 50 percent.
  • Contact us for more information and a tailor made proposal.

Global Employer Option Group Plan - Specifically designed for employers with international employees that need coverage based on U.S. standards. The GEO Group plan was designed especially to meet the expatriate requirements of global companies that need an international group employee benefit plan. The majority of the domestic programs fail to address this need and this program designed by IMG provides worldwide coverage for local nationals and U.S. Citizens working abroad.

Global Employer Option Group - IMG provides superior administrative services internationally that support the fully insured coverage for dental, life, medical and income replacement (global employee benefits), that are available for expatriates, key local nationals and third country nationals (three or more international assignees).

Global Employer Option Group - Stop Loss -For large groups of international assignees, stop loss coverage and international administrative services of a high standard that are provided by IMG, is available for global employee benefit plans that are partially funded by the employee.

Global Employer Option Group ASO - Self-funded global employee benefit plans have access to IMG's superior international administrative services.