GEO Group - Global Employers Option BENEFITS

  • For group of 2+ employees that are US/Canadian citizens residing abroad
  • US style medical benefits and worldwide coverage including USA
  • Life, dental, maternity and daily indemnity coverage available
  • Cost-effective international rates & customizable plans
  • Deductible reduced by 50% for using PPO provider
  • Contact us for a proposal

GEO Group Plan - Designed specifically for employers who need US-style coverage for employees around the globe.

GEO is an international group employee benefit plan designed by IMG to meet the expatriate requirements that most domestic programs fail to address. This program provides worldwide coverage for U.S. Citizens working abroad and local nationals.

GEO Group

Fully insured coverage for global employee benefits (medical, life, dental, and income replacement) with IMG's superior international administrative services - available for three or more international assignees (international assignees can include expatriates, third country nationals, and key local nationals)

GEO Group Stop Loss

Stop loss coverage and IMG's superior international administrative services for partially self-funded global employee benefit plans - available for large groups of international assignees


IMG's superior international administrative services for self-funded global employee benefit plans

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    • A minimum of three employees is ALL that is required
    • A variety of deductible options are available
    • MATERNITY is treated the same as any other illness.
    • Optional Dental, Life (required for 20 or less), and daily indemnity

    By carving out the international portion of their organization, employers can limit their exposure while providing U.S.-Style benefits to their employees around the world.

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    • Rates are less expensive than those of most domestic carriers
    • Includes international benefits not normally found in a domestic plan
    • Provides the mobility of moving from one country to another.

    The Experienced Plan Administrator:

    Since 1990, International Medical Group has provided a unique, full-service approach to insurance coverage. Dedicated exclusively to international insurance market, IMG provides coverage services to individuals and families in more than 150 countries. Medical treatment while traveling is often an unfortunate fact of life. Our goal is to make the medical process a smooth and efficient one. IMG's multilingual claims administrators, on-site medical staff and customer service professionals work together to ensure that you medical needs are met. We process as many as 100,000 claims each year from countries throughout the world, and can confidently handle virtually any language or currency.

    To give you true Global Peace of Mind, IMG representatives are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year for medical emergencies, evacuations and precertifications. Our customer service is routinely rated among the highest in the industry. You can rest assured that IMG will be there for you, whether it be for routine treatment or during a medical emergency.

    IMG gives you worldwide coverage experience, impeccable service and international expertise. Don't leave your medical care to chance. Let IMG reduce the uncertainties of international travel for you & your family.

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    For more details, please click on the following link:

    GEO Group Summary of Benefits

    GEO Group Optional Prescription Benefit


    GEO Group provides coverage for daily hospital room and board, intensive care, surgery, medical treatment, laboratory test, x-rays, chemotherapy, anesthetist fees, emergency treatment of an injury, and durable medical equipment.


    GEO Group provides coverage for outpatient services including, medical consultations, diagnosis, pathology, radiography, laboratory, x-rays, surgery, physical therapy and chiropractic care.

    Prescription Medication

    Prescription medication is covered on the same basis as any illness.

    Human Organ/Tissue Transplant

    GEO Group provides up to US$1,000,000 lifetime benefit for Heart, Heart/Lung, Lung, Kidney, Kidney/Pancreas, Liver, and Allogeneic and Autologous Bone Marrow Transplants. The procedure and related services must take place in the Managed Transplant System Network, and must be pre-certified and coordinated with the Company.

    Maternity and Newborn Benefits

    Maternity is covered on the same basis as a covered illness, after 10 months of continuous coverage. If the Maternity is covered, the newborn is covered from the moment of birth including routine well-baby care for the first 31 days of life.

    Emergency Evacuation

    GEO Group provides coverage for Emergency Medical Evacuation up to the policy maximum to the nearest qualified medical facility while outside the US. All evacuations must be approved and coordinated by IMG. Emergency Medical Evacuation Benefits terminate at age 65.


    GEO Group provides a US$25,000 per Insured Person benefit for the return of the Insured Person's mortal remains or ashes to their Home Country. Repatriation must be approved and coordinated by IMG.

    Mental/Nervous Disorders, Alcohol/Substance Abuse

    GEO Group includes $10,000 per Calendar Year per Insured Person and US$20,000 lifetime limit for inpatient treatment of mental or nervous disorders and alcohol or substance abuse following 12 months of continuous coverage.

    Supplemental Accident Benefit

    In the event of a covered Accident, the Company will pay the first US$300 of eligible medical expenses related to the treatment of any Injury resulting from the covered Accident before applying any Deductible.

    Wellness Benefit

    GEO Group includes a US$250 per Calendar Year wellness benefit for adults. A child wellness benefit of US$150 per Calendar Year is also provided for children. This benefit is not subject to the Deductible or Coinsurance.

  • US Nationwide PPO NetworkOpen or Close

    You may seek treatment under Patriot GoTravel Medical Insurance Plan worldwide, including in the United States, with the hospital or doctor of your choice. When seeking treatment in the U.S., you may use the independent Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) contracted by IMG, a separately organized network (First Health Group) of approximately 500,000 physicians and 4,700 privately owned and operated hospitals. * This PPO network includes a large number of hospitals including some of the most well recognized university medical centers and transplant facilities.

    Using this provider network could significantly reduce your out-of-pocket expenses.

    When a U.S. hospital outside the network is used, a co-payment of US $250 is required in addition to the regular deductible and coinsurance. This co-payment is waived, however, if there is not a network provider within 50 miles of the location of treatment.

    Each proposed hospital admission, inpatient or outpatient surgery, and certain other medical procedures must be Pre-certified for medical necessity. This means the insured person or their attending physician must call the number listed on the IMG identification card prior to admittance to a hospital or performance of a surgery, or medical procedure. In the case of an emergency hospital admission, the Pre-certification call must be made within 48 hours of the admission, or as soon as reasonably possible. For a complete list of procedures requiring Pre-certification, please refer to your certificate wording.

    If Pre-certification guidelines are not followed, eligible claims and expenses will be reduced by 50%.

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