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All You Need to Know About Liaison Travel Insurance

A majority of people don’t know that their health insurance won’t cover them if they travel outside the country, which means that if you get sick or ill, you will have to pay for all the expenses yourself. Different countries have different rules, so you may even be asked to pay for the services before the procedure starts. If you want to avoid all this, it is recommended that you opt for Liaison Travel Insurance because they will provide you with the medical coverage you need for trips that can last up to 45 days.

Important Information about Liaison International Insurance

Plan Highlights

  • Rating: A (Excellent)
  • Under Writer: Lloyd's, Advent, Tramont Insurance Company Limited
  • Administrator: Seven Corners
  • Recommended For: People visiting the US on B1, B2, H, or L visas
  • Who can Buy This Plan: Non-US citizens travelling to US

Advantages of the Liaison Insurance

  • Great coverage at a great price
  • Covers illness, accidents, terrorism, and loss
  • Can be cancelled and refunded
  • Will be deductible once during the policy period

Disadvantages of the Liaison Insurance

  • The coverage is only for 45 days.
  • The age restriction for the policy is 65 or over, and the available coverage is $50,000 only.
  • For people who have crossed the age of 80, the low policy maximum limit is $15,000.

Ratings and Reviews

  • The insurance is administered by a US provider that has been functional since 1993 and has a good history.
  • It is regulated by the Department of Insurance.
  • All the claims are handled by USA.
  • The Liaison international group comprises reputable doctors, medical experts, and hospitals all over the world.
  • The bill is directed to the insurance company, and cash less transactions also take place.

Geographic Restrictions

State Restrictions: Addresses in Colorado, Maryland,New York, South Dakota, and Washington are not accepted.

Country Restrictions: Addresses in Gambia, Ghana, Islamic Republic of Iran, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Syrian Arab Republic, and U.S. Virgin Islands are not accepted.

Destination Restrictions: Trips toIslamic Republic of Iran, and Syrian Arab Republic are not covered.